Some of my favorite “Daily Flower” Photographs


I am a photographer who loves to buzz about from flower to flower.  In fact it’s the very reason I’m “The Photo Garden Bee” as opposed to something else.   The best part of this blog is being able to shoot images showing the magic of each garden in addition for shooting the blooms for myself.

These are my flower portraits.  Well, some of them.  I have a new one each day of the week which can be found on my “Daily Flower” page.  It’s a daily love of mine.   In fact, posting each morning’s new bloom is one of the best parts of my day.

1/29/10 Daily Flower © Britt Conley

1/29/10 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

I do my flower portraits in black & white because of my love of monotone photography.  About twenty years ago I was a black & white darkroom specialist and learned many advanced printing methods.  In the early 1990′s when the world began to experiment more seriously with digital photography I traveled to London to study digital imaging at the London Times where I was able to translate those darkroom skills to a new digital format.  The experience taught me all the  techniques known at the time and gave me a great foundation to find new ways to develop my own.  It wasn’t long before I became a digital imaging specialist for a living.  I have to say, I love it.  I live for it and now I run my own digital imaging business from it.

1/23/10 Daily Flower © Britt Conley

1/23/10 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

Eventually I moved to photo editing and became the Assistant Photo Editor for the Life Picture Desk at USA Today where I spent the last five years until I was laid off a couple of months ago.  During this time I’ve been running my business from home and working on my own photographs.  The reason I’m mentioning all of this is  that I love the process and consider it to be as much of an art as what is in the camera.  For me, creating flower portraits is more than putting oneself in front of a bloom and clicking.  It’s about capturing the quality of the flower, the character and the ambiance.  That is what makes each bloom special and amazing.

11/5/09 Daily Flower © Britt Conley

11/5/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

Certain flowers lend themselves to black and white, while others do not.  People have asked why not photograph them in color?  Well, I find black & white captures a flower’s inherent aestheticism.  For me that is the beauty of each bloom.  As much as color is fantastic, I find structure far more alluring.  I also do plenty of color work but shoot differently for them.

11/10/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

11/10/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

For those of you who wonderfully come by each day to see a new garden or  garden buzz, Thank you!

11/02/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley
11/02/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

For those who are new to the site, feel free to also stop by and visit “The Daily Flower.”  If anyone happens to find an image you like and would like a print, let me know.  I make each one on exhibtion quality, archival paper, hand sign them and mount them in archival mattes that are ready to frame. Although I photograph these for me, I do sell them when asked and will be offering more for sale on the blog soon.

11/23/09 Daily Flower © Britt Conley

11/23/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

Well, I will be out shooting every week this Spring and sharing more of these great blooms.  I think the next step will be learning more of the horticulture behind them.

11/01/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley
11/01/09 The Daily Flower © Britt Conley

I just heard from Caroline who had two daily flowers specially matted and framed to match her room.  They looks great!  Thanks Caroline!

Framed Daily Flowers. Photo by Caroline Whisman

Framed Daily Flowers. Photo by Caroline Whisman

What I love about these is that her new mattes show the signature.  Nice!  And the matte cores are colored yellow and blue as well.

Framed Daily Flowers. Photo by Caroline Whisman

Framed Daily Flowers. Photo by Caroline Whisman

I’ve been matting them in black but after seeing these I may just have to rethink my next matte order!


As I type we are having a massive wind storm here in Virginia which is squelching my plans for today’s garden visit.  Looks like I’ll have to wait another day.  Fortunately I have tons of tea’s to choose from and all the fixings for a nice breakfast.  I hope everyone stays warm and safe this weekend!  And happy trails to all of you are heading up to the Philadelphia Flower Show!  Wish I could join you, but will have to wait for Tuesday.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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