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Today is a special post of a Photo Meme.  This has been great for me to reset my photo clock and I owe to Melissa Clark.  She asked me to come up with one image that is my favorite and say why.  She is an amazing garden photographer and getting to know her through her blog and email has been great.  She picked her favorite photo of her yard in the early summer morning light as she lovingly put it.  You can see  her photo by clicking the link above.  It’s a lovely image.  As for me…

The Meadow © Britt Conley

The Meadow © Britt Conley

I picked this image because walking through this meadow is always cathartic for me.  It exemplifies my changed life and the unknown road ahead.  I first walked through here in the Summer of ’09 while still working at USA Today.  I had the biggest smile on face because this gorgeous view truly symbolized the road I was creating with my upcoming venture, The Photo Garden Bee.  I was going to travel to gardens around the country, seeing more views just like this and sharing what is amazing about each place with anyone who cared to listen.  The road and the view were my new world.

I stopped by here again in the last weekend of November and smiled again because the future was bright and this lovely bit of land was mine to come and visit,  photograph and “Photo Garden Bee” in.  I was already heading down the path I created just like the path I was on this day the picture above was taken.  Then the very next Monday morning of that weekend I was laid off after almost 14 years.  My world hunkered down for a very cold Winter.

I headed back up here this past weekend and looked out over the end of winter’s barren landscape and smiled.  The road was obscured in the mass of matted grasses and twigs but the grey hills were clear, the trees still stood strong and I realized the path will be cut again soon enough.  I will be back on it in just few weeks when all new life will start growing.  It’s been a long and scary Winter but I made it just fine.  The meadow made it just fine.  We shall both soon meet again and capture each other’s lovely rise to the occasion.  Life is just too short not to.  It’s Spring and I have to grow the Bee and this is one of the places I’ll be on a regular basis doing just that, with camera in hand.

So this brings me to some of my favorite garden photographers and the ones I now send you to in order to find out what their favorite photo will be.  Right of the top there is Melissa who is a landscaper as well as a garden photographer who I mentioned above.  Melissa runs a great blog called Garden Shoots.   Her landscaping can be found at http://www.madgardener.net/ Her blog is insightful and fun!  I love her photography and hope some day to be as good!  She is well worth the daily bookmark!

But if I could pick just two other garden photography bloggers…Well…

…there is Brenda Haas at BGgarden.com She is both a garden photographer and blogger as well.  In fact she is kind of news garden blogger.  If you want to find out what is happening around the country, she is a great source!  And if you’re on Twitter, Brenda is a Twitter follower’s dream.  Always insightful and fun links and she re-tweets just about everyone who’s cool or has a cool item she wants to share.

Now another great photo blog I head to regularly is the Stone Art Blog.  It’s really cool. I love the blog because it’s artistic and idyllic and offers the most lovely artfully creative items with nature.  According to Sunny’s bio, the blog “…follows all things creative and artistic in the landscape and garden, along with some gardening tips and some garden construction tips, by Sunny Wieler, a landscaper / stonemasion / artist, living in Ireland.” This week’s post is about growing your own chairs.  Oh really – just go see it.  You have to see it!

Now there are other great garden blogs with awesome photography.  There is the Galloping Gardner, who does pretty much what I’m doing except in the UK, and she’s more well known and sees more gardens!  Her photography is great!  She already has done the photo meme so I can’t pass on to her but I can pass you onto her blog!  I really hope she and I can meet some day!

Another blog I enjoy for the photography is the Arizona Plant Lady.  She helps arid gardeners with how to tips and photos from her garden.  It’s a really nice read.  Noelle live is Phoenix and has decided to help fellow arid gardeners from mistakes she once made when she first moved there.  Now she is an expert.

As I get the time to go through all the blogs I’ll bring another day’s post to you with my suggestions for great fellow garden photography websites!  So if you don’t see your name yet. You will probably by in my next installment!

Yesterday, Erika and I traveled over to the Washington, D.C. Home and Garden Show.  We wandered about, took some notes and tons of photos! I somehow managed to walk away from the ‘do it yourself sushi kit’ while Erika was enjoying bird-related art and other items for sale.  Check back tomorrow to see some of the highlights!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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  1. Melissa

    Britt, what a really, truly beautiful photo! I'm very envious. And a great metaphor for the journey you're on. You have chosen well on so many levels and I'm looking forward to continuing our acquaintance and the opportunity, hopefully, to meet in person in the not too distant future.

    You've also made great choices for the two new blogs. I know them both and love visiting them. Thanks again for taking part in this meme and expanding my own world.

  2. Curbstone Valley Farm

    Beautiful photograph. I feel more relaxed just for seeing it, I can see why it's one of your favorites.

  3. Britt

    Thanks. I can spend a whole hour here before I realize how much time has flown. It's one of my favorite places to think and dream.

  4. Tatyana

    Breathtaking image!

  5. Sunny

    Lovely photo, with a great story. Thanks for thinking of me, I will be posting my favorite photo later on in the week.


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