What’s going to be in your garden this year?


Tomatoes and corn © Britt Conley - I absolutely love a farm fresh Summer tomato and freshly shucked sweet corn. Personally the more butter on the corn the better! A little salt on either of these two and It's a Summer extravaganza!

In the age of Dr. Oz, organic and all those healthy eating chef programs out there I wonder, have you taken up healthier gardens?  I’m not preaching.  I am not even lucky enough to have a garden!  But I’m curious.  How has all of this impacted individual gardeners?  Anyone out there start up a veggie garden in the past few years and actually made dinner with it?  How has your veggie or herb garden changed your eating life?  Well I’m asking for a reason…

Asparagus © Britt Conley - Also a rather big fan of Asparagus! It goes with just about everything. Anyone have a cool recipes?

Some of you may have noticed this Bee has slowed down a bit the past few months.  I’ve been sick and tired for a long while now.  I just got diagnosed and am going in for major abdominal surgery on Monday to fix it all!  I have a 4-6 week recovery time before getting back to my regular garden hopping life.  One of the decisions I’ve made for post op and beyond is a healthier and more organic lifestyle.  I am done being under the weather!  This Bee is ready for life 2.0!

Squash © Britt Conley - Now if you've known me on Facebook, you know I LOVE to cook. Squash is one of those wonderfully easy items to saute and serve when your entree is a bit more complicated.

So, I would love to hear about your veggie and herb gardens and perhaps get some recipes that might help me along.  I do have a great Farmers Market that actually sets up across the street from me on Saturday Mornings!  I will be hitting it on a regular basis as soon as I am up and walking.

Artichokes © Britt Conley - Ok, so I love Artichokes, but not the ones you get in restaurants and the sort. I like them simply steamed, peeled and dipped in a good olive oil mayonnaise!

Speaking of which. I will be having a bit more trouble doing The Photo Garden Bee during this time.  I have some great guest bloggers coming in who are all fantastic.  So please stop by and see what they all have to offer!  I told them, this is their day to do what you want!  They are a mix of bloggers and professional photographers.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!  Please contact me if you want to guest blog for a day.  You can visit a garden, take some photos and write something about it  or share something garden or flower related from your own or someone else’s garden.

Brussel Sprouts © Britt Conley - I never thought I'd see the day, but I actually began enjoying brussel sprouts this year. Who knew! If you know of a great recipe that might even get my husband to like them, let me know! LOL. After all he's going to be eating better this year after all the new cooking as well!

Also, if any of you have a great veggie project coming up in your garden, take some pictures and send them in! Write up a short something about your garden and what it’s doing for your life.   Your entries will make it into the blog!  For shorter submissions, I’ll do a round up of what’s going on in your gardens around the country and the world!  I won’t be able to get out to my own gardens around the area, so I really would love to live vicariously through your worlds!  Please feel free to send me your stories!

Red Peppers © Britt Conley - Now I actually don't really love red peppers. I love crisp cool greens, and they have to be raw. That said, I am going to assume I may not know what can be done with those red or even green and yellow peppers. If you know something I don't let me know! I'll cook up every recipe sent! (non spicy version please). LOL.

I hope your are all having a blast with the sudden onset of Spring.  Break out those cameras!  Inform this Bee of the great world of fresh herb and veggie cooking and super gardening going on in your lives.  I would love to see what you’re up to!

Also: I will be updating how I’m doing on the The Photo Garden Bee’s Facebook page during this time.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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  1. Sylvana

    Love your photos! They could make even a meatatarian salivate!

    I personally gave up most meats years ago for a multitude of reasons, and mostly eat carbs and veggies now. These veggies look like candy! YUM!

  2. Britt

    Thanks Sylvana! Well I do love my meat, but need more veggies - a lot more!

  3. Megan

    Hi! I've been reading your blog for a little while and hadn't said hello yet. Your photos are amazing! Very insprirational.

    This is the second year I've had a garden at my house. I document everything on my site - www.gardeninboise.com. I'd love to contribute a little something to your site, I'll work on that. :)

    Good luck with your surgery! I hope you recover quickly.


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