The Chairs of Longwood Gardens


One of the lovely things about visiting gardens around the country is seeing the fantastic and sometimes whimsical seating.  No matter how neat, odd or simply fantastic these seats and benches are, they are always thoughtfully placed.  Here at Longwood Gardens they are perfectly perched for the weary footed with an eye toward the perfect view.

The Chairs of Longwood Gardens © Britt Conley

I don’t know who made these chairs.  I’ll be contacting them in the morning to see if I can find out.

Longwood Gardens lovely chairs © Britt Conley

What I do know it that they are works of art.  They have  world’s fair feel and great weight, intricate carvings and an elegance that rises through their tall backs.  They are worthy of the sitter and the view and the grandeur of the place… Longwood Gardens.

Longwood Gardens lovely chairs © Britt Conley

These chairs seat tens of thousands a year and yet there are quite times like this where one can find the beauty in the chairs themselves.

Longwood Gardens lovely chairs © Britt Conley

Even on rainy days, the chairs allure beg each passer by for a sit.  The view is equally compelling.

Longwood Gardens lovely chairs © Britt Conley

These seats are full each evening Longwood gardens holds it famous water fountain shows and fire works.  And in times like this day, they hold the charm of all that once sat and who will sit and the joy of their varying views.

Longwood Gardens lovely chairs © Britt Conley

And the view is grand, no matter what time of year.  This is just an quarter of the massive wide angle landscape one can view from here.

Longwood Gardens lovely chairs © Britt Conley

So if you get a chance to visit Longwood Gardens, take the time to join the long history of sitters and take some time to enjoy these little works of art and the view they set up.  For more information visit Longwood Gardens.

Thank you to all of you for your well wishes and support after the death of my Mother last week. Thanks also ror those of you who have been asking about how I am recovering slowly from the surgery.  Still have quite a few weeks ahead but am able to walk more!  I am setting the alarm early tomorrow to go walking in our court yard and take some photos of the Cherry Blossom which I have only been able to appreciate from afar so far.

It’s Spring out there and I am stuck home recovering.  If your interested in helping The Bee at this difficult time I would be thrilled to see more people guest blog.  Just write me.  I will be having more guest bloggers over the next week and possibly after that!  Thanks again to all of you who come by the site! It really means a lot to me.  I do this for myself and in hopes there are those of you out there that may enjoy it as well.  Also, please feel free to send your Spring photos too!  If I can get enough flower photo fans to send in, I can do a post on you great Bee readers and your great flower photos or garden shots!  Let me know!

Tomorrow we will be visited by super guest blogger Karon Flage!  She is a great Washington D.C. area photographer and friend.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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