Community Gardens by guest blogger Karon Flage!


Sunflower © Karon Flage

As wonderful as it is to plan a trip to an extensive garden such as Dumbarton Oaks or Longwood, that isn’t always possible. When you want your greenery fix, look for a community garden in your area. I am lucky enough to live only a block from a small but gorgeous community garden.

Ten Barton Gardens © Karon Flage

I have spent many Sunday afternoons wandering around the edge of the garden admiring the mix of vegetable and flowering plants and enjoying myself photographing the flowers.

Morning Glory © Karon Flage

Sharing the photos with friends even helps me learn the names for the ones I do not know.

A pink flower © Karon Flage

What I had been referring to as “the helicopter landing pad” flower is a Purple Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata).

Passion flower © Karon Flage

You never know what you will find in a community garden.

Poppy © Karon Flage

Each plot is maintained by a different person.

Ten Barton Garden © Karon Flage

So in one you find end-of-the- season tomatoes and in another, sunflowers towering over your head.

Ten Barton Gardens © Karon Flage

Check with your local city and county government. You could have a lovely green oasis within walking distance and not even realize it.

- Karon Flage


Thank you so much Karon!  Karon explains her eye in that she looks, “for the visually interesting. It can be something as traditional as the Cherry Blossom Festival with the thousands of photos that come from it or as overlooked as the pattern shopping carts make against a brick wall. My flickr stream is updated on a daily to weekly basis if you would like to see more.” I’ve seen her work and it’s great!

Karon’s work has been in the Arlington Art Show, Artomatic and, of course, on Flicker.  Please stop by her sites and say hello!  She is a great photographer and a great friend.

Ten Barton Gardens is a small community gardens in Arlington.  I have driven by it many times.  I think I’ll have to stop by with camera in hand and Karon by side!  Thanks for sharing Karon!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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  1. Love community gardens, since that's where I got my start. As a renter, with pots overflowing my little porch, I needed space for veggies (and a Passiflora too!), and spent many great hours at my plots in Austin, TX. It's fun to stop by a community plot in new towns we visit. Thanks for these great photos :)


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