Texas wildflowers by guest blogger Nell Carroll!


In Texas, I feel like the land celebrates my birthday, which is at the beginning of April. The wildflowers are spectacular this time of year. Fields of color like patches on a quilt.

Texas wild flowers © Nell Carroll

It makes me want to see it from above to see if it does look like one.

Flax wild flowers © Nell Carroll

Along the highways, in Bastrop, Texas, there are the vivid deep pinks of the flax and then in the pastures bluebonnets mirror the sky and looks like lakes.

Bluebonnets © Nell Carroll

Some fields have all the colors mixed up looking like confetti all over the earth. Mother Nature bonked the earth with a cascarone. Which is an egg shell filled with confetti popular around Easter in Texas and Mexico.

Texas wild flowers © Nell Carroll

Another popular flower found along roadsides is the Indian Paintbrush.

Indian Paintbrush © Nell Carroll

The bright orange looks wonderful mixed with bluebonnets on the side of the road. The Chippewa Indians used Indian paintbrush to treat rheumatism and as a hair rinse because of the high selenium content in some paintbrush plants. I don’t know if this includes the Texas Indian Paintbrush.

Lady Banks © Nell Carroll

In a few weeks my roses will explode. I have reds, pinks, orange and white, sadly no yellow rose of Texas unless you count my mop of Lady Banks Rose that erupted all over my trellis.

Texas Wildflowers © Nell Carroll

Nell Carroll very aptly describes herself as a Photographer, professor, gardener, equestrian, photo editor, housewife and mom. I describe her as one to the best photo editors USA Today ever had. I first me her there in 1994 and learned a lot just from watching her work. She has a great eye and a passion for the photography world. To see some of her amazing still lifes visit her still life page . She also does great people photography, weddings and equestrian photography.

Nell Carroll

She divulges her amazing career on her website, “I always say that I moved to Texas because I am way to friendly for the East Coast, which is where I grew up.” she explains, “I also hated shoveling snow, no danger of that here. My career began in Binghamton, NY as a shooter for the only newspaper in town. I got hired at USA TODAY, as a photo editor, after 5 years of shooting in Binghamton. I realized I don’t have the drive to devote 100% of my life to shooting pictures so I became an editor. I left Washington DC to be a photo editor at Th Statesman in Austin. I have been there ever since. I teach a photojournalism class at the University of Texas. I have a big garden, 3 horses, 2 dogs, a cat, a husband and a son. Life is never dull”

Bluebonnets © Nell Carroll

I want to thank Nell again for guest blogging!  She has shown us that Texas’ famed wild flowers do in fact live up to the hype!  Thank you Nell!  Please stop by her web site! How cool it must be for her to be able to visit these fields any time she wants!  Texas – your on my tour list!

I am slowly getting better and really wishing I could be out there capturing Sping!  It came so early!  Watching the National Cherry Blossom parade on TV today  as oppossed to being there, didn’t quite do it for me.  I just have to get out there!  Until then… stay tuned for more fantastic guest bloggers from all over the country!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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  1. Sylvana

    WOW!!! That is amazing! Our wildflowers don't do that.

  2. Nell

    thanks, we had tons of rain this Fall and this might be the prettiest I have ever seen them.

  3. Stone Art Blog

    Wow, those photos are fantastic, what amazing colours.

  4. Bernie

    Wowsers! Amazing photos ... such brilliant colour! I took my time looking at these gorgeous shots. Thanks for sharing the work of Nell!

  5. Angela

    This week as I drove from Vernon to Abilene, I kept seeing large patches of a small purple flower with a frilly white edge. It smelled just like grape soda. I cannot find it in any pictures online. What is it. It seemed to grow especially well in the red soil.

  6. Nell

    Angela, that sounds like a bluebonnet. But we also have Texas Mountain Laurel which is more of a tree or large shrub. It has purple flowers that smell JUST LIKE grape soda but no white. The last picture of the boy smelling flowers in a bluebonnet. Was is smaller than that? I may have detective work to do for you!

  7. noreen Freebairn

    Breathtaking. God certainly is an artist, displaying His work, there in Texas. Enjoyed it very much!!


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