The Gardens at Roche Harbor by guest blogger Laura Segal!


The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Laura Segal

I want to share with you photographs from a wonderful garden in Washington State. Roche Harbor on San Juan Island is the site of a resort that has grown up around a hotel and lime factory. Last year my family spent some time there. We chose the resort due to its reputation but knew little about the grounds before arriving there, including the fact that there was a beautiful historical garden.

The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Laura Segal

The gardens are set in front of Hotel De Haro, the original hotel built in 1886, whose biggest claim to fame is that President Theodore Roosevelt once stayed there. As the resort has grown with other more luxurious accommodations, the interior of the hotel remains the same and is worth a look inside.

The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Laura Segal

Apparently overtime the gardens became overgrown and lost their formal impression. About a decade ago a new gardener designer came in and renovated the gardens, saving some of the historical aspects and adding other contemporary touches.

The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Laura Segal

As you meander along the cobblestone walks of this garden, you’ll notice there are so many varieties of plants with numerous colors and textures to please the eye.

The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Laura Segal

The resort is fairly isolated on the island; the combination of the gardens with the historical buildings set on the harbor makes you feel like you are in another world.

The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Gigi Segal

We loved this patch of daisies; this particular shot was taken by my 5 year old daughter.  As was this shot of luscious white lilies.

The Gardens at Roche Harbor © Gigi Segal

Roche Harbor is a gardener’s delight and well worth the visit. The gardens are in their prime from April until October.


After spending 24 years in the corporate world, mostly with Human Resources, Laura is currently a stay at mom pursing her B.A. in Humanties.  She too was laid off and is enjoying the slower life. She loves photographing flowers and adds, “I’ve always had a creative side and dabble in many ways to satisfy that part of me.  It used to be music but these days it is decorating, writing, gardening and photography.”

Thank you so much Laura for sending these amazing shots!  What a cool place to google map as well!  Makes me want to travel tomorrow!  I love hotels with great gardens!

As for me, I’m mending!  Saw the doctor today and all is well!  I hope to have my walking papers in about four more weeks.  It’s a slow recouperation, but I’m doing everything I can to make it smooth.  Thanks again for all the support and feel free to write if you want to guest blog!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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