The tulips at Longwood Gardens by guest blogger Noreen Freebairn!


Guest blogger Noreen Freebairn headed out to Longwood Gardens the weekend before last to get some lens-to-flower-time with all the other photographers!  She wasn’t intimidated by all those, “photographers with their tripods and dSLR’s,” she explains, “I just took shots like the rest of them and “HEY” I’m the one on Thanks Britt for asking me to share my love for flowers and my passion for photography.”   Well thanks right back at you Noreen.  Here’s her blog post below!

Tulips © Noreen Freebairn

As soon as I saw this one lone, red rose, my mind raced on how many “captions” could be used if it was a greeting card. On my FB page, I asked people to give me theirs and I can’t wait to see what they write.”

Tulips © Noreen Freebairn

I think that the orange, reds and yellows were the most striking of all the tulips, they just jumped out at you and made you smile. Maybe because it reminded me of the 70′s and the shag carpet I had with the same colors, who knows.

Tulips © Noreen Freebairn

I cant leave out the worker’s cart.

Gardener's cart © Noreen Freebairn

These guys and gals give of their time and volunteer to keep Longwood Gardens looking as beautiful as it is.

Tulips © Noreen Freebairn

Pink tulips mingled along with foxglove made a soft statement. Just gazing at it made me feel relaxed and refreshed, but there was more to see and i had to keep walking.

Tulips © Noreen Freebairn

Although there are sidewalks to walk on, I often found myself going off the path and finding different angles and interesting things to shoot at. The saying holds true, ” Not all those who wander are Lost”

Tulips © Noreen Freebairn

Thanks Noreen for your great photo visit to Longwood Gardens!  The tulips look so amazing!  Man I can’t wait to finally go myself, but alas, that looks like a visit for next year.  Noreen is a regular Photo Garden Bee reader and wrote in asking to help during this time!  A special thanks to her for a great guest blog!

© Noreen Freebairn

Noreen describes herself as, “married to my childhood sweetheart.”  She and her husband are celebrating their 38 year anniversary on April 21st!.  She states, “I have two children and am happily referred to as “NANA” by my three grand kids. (Oh yes, my lap cat too ) I always have enjoyed photography, art, gardening, and interior design, but have never taken photography seriously until about a year and a half ago when I was given a camera for Christmas. I must confess, it is not a SLR or a dSLR but a Lumix DMC-FZ7, (basically an advanced point & shoot).  I want to encourage anyone with a point and shoot is that if you love photography……don’t let that stop you!  You can see more of her work at


If you want to guest blog on The Photo Garden Bee please write me at  I still have a few weeks of recovery from my abdominal surgery and alas still cannot go garden hopping myself for a bit more time.  Thanks to readers like Noreen I get the joy of watching the blog continue on while I can not.  Thank you everyone!!!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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  1. Jerry Conrad

    I couldn"t help but notice the 'old' Gardenway cart. I have the identical one bought in 1982 and still going here at the nursery but not in quite as good condition as this one. I just wish they were still made. The current version is a poor imitation. Stuff just isn't as well made today.

  2. Nicole

    Luv the photos and the fact that these awesome pics are not taken with any fancy camera. Makes me feel like I could do it (although it helps having an "eye" for it as Noreen does.
    Great pictures, you made beautiful flowers more beautiful.

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    and didn't know who to ask.


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