Blooming again!


Rose © Britt Conley

I wanted to thank everyone for your heartfelt wishes and support over the past six weeks while I have been recovery from my abdominal surgery and the death of my mother.  I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been, but I can say that all of you have made it so much better than it would have been.  Tending to the blog has given me something wonderful to do while I’ve been hold up at home.  I also want to thank all the guest bloggers who stepped in and helped keep the bloog afloat and all you who kept coming back, even on days when all I could muster was s single bloom.  Today I see my surgeon for my final follow up.  I am not at 100% by any means, but I am well enough to travel now if I take care.

In another week or so I’ll be able to start getting back on track, “to find and photograph the most magical, intimate, majestic, romantic, and historic gardens around the U.S.  and share what’s amazing about each place.”

I just wanted to thank all you for everything : )

For anyone out there who still would like to guest blog on The Photo Garden Bee there is still time!  Just email me at

UPDATE: Well, the Dr. says I need two more weeks of recovery time.  Which makes sense.  That said, I’ll keep doing my best to get back to those gardens!

‘Til Tomorrow…”

Britt : )

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