The Bee is Back Officially!


My shadow while shooting at the Winterthur Peony Garden © Britt Conley

So, two months ago this traveling Photo Garden Bee suddenly felt horrible.  Turns out I was sick and sick enough to need massive abdominal surgery.  So, I headed to the hospital at the end of March and put The Photo Garden Bee on hold.  To add difficulty to difficulty, my Mother unexpectedly passed away the day I was released from the hospital.  So, it’s been a pretty insane couple of months. I was able to put up some posts here and there but ended up needing more time off than not.

The Photo Garden Bee and Me © Britt Conley

But thanks to all the amazing guest bloggers who happily came to my aid, the site was able to live on.  It’s been a very, very long six weeks of recovery made even longer by my Dr. adding two more weeks due to “slow healing.”   Having such wonderful people helping really made my recovery nicer.

Lillytopia at Longwood Gardens © Britt Conley

So, for the past two months I’ve had to work hard  to rise up, sit and then walk and frankly I am still having trouble with the walking and stairs but am getting better each day.  I have been hold up at home with a few trips out into the world now and then, but now get to get back to what I love: traveling to gardens!  Above, I’m enjoying Lillytopia!  It was fantastic!!!  A post to come on Friday!

The Photo Garden Bee is back on the road! © Britt Conley

I went on my first road trip this past weekend and it was Great!  I did a bit too much and had a small set back, but it was GREAT!

Britt and Erika back on the road! © Britt Conley

My younger sister and official Assistant Photo Garden Bee, Erika and I headed up to Pennsylvania Friday night and spent a lovely weekend shooting at Longwood and Winterthur Gardens.

Britt and Erika back on the road! © Britt Conley

Erika brought her binoculars to enjoy the birds: her favorite past time!

Erika birdwatching © Britt Conley

I had hoped to visit a couple of other gardens as well but I just wasn’t physically able.  Soon, maybe a another month.

I want to thank all the guest bloggers and offer up another opportunity to see their work! :

Karon Flage: Community Gardens

Laura Segal: The Gardens at Roche Harbor

Nell Carroll: Texas Wildflowers and The Joy of Roses

Noreen Freebairn: The Tulips at Longwood Gardens

Christine Otis: Natural Beauty in an Urban Environment

Kathy Jentz: Virginia’s Historic Garden Week

Julia Schmalz: A taste of Biltmore’s Gardens

Brenda Haas: Midwest Spring Treasures

Chris Gray Faust for her guest blog back in February: The Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Estates

and those upcoming bloggers who are still out there including Steve Ray and Erika Malmgren!  Now, If I haven’t responded to a guest blogging entry that means I never received it.  Either too many photos attached or a file was to large.  In that case, email me without the photos to let me know you’re out there!  I am still up for more guests to come on board for a day!  Just email me at

Britt and Erika © Britt Conley

Thanks to everyone for all your support, friendship and patience.  I am thrilled to be back with camera in hand and helping to bring great gardens your way!  That is why I started this blog.  One of the best things I’ve ever done.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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