The Topiary Garden at Longwood Gardens


The Topiary Garden at longwood is huge.  Longwood boasts that it has “more than 50 specimens in 20 different shapes.”

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

Despite having come here nearly once a month for a year now, I have yet to see the garden empty.  In fact it is rare that I’ve been able to photograph the space without someone walking through my frame. I usually wait until people walk behind one the topiary before clicking the shutter.  I say this while laughing because the garden is always busy and with good reason.

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

It’s a fantastic space where kids can run, couples often wander holding hands and families walk together.

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

Longwood describes their garden as, “Evergreen yews clipped into cones, cubes, spirals and other shapes including a chair and table, and birds form a surreal landscape that captures your imagination.”

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

This is as a good description as any.  It’s a wonderfully structured garden and yet full of whimsical animals where you least expect them.

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

Like most topiary gardens, each year they must be trimmed and coaxed into the forms they will take over the next few years.  Each year more and more foliage fills the gaps.  Longwood does all their trimming each year in July and August.  I would love to come photograph it.

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

The Topiary Garden is a fantastic place for hide and seek.  There is even an overlook area with benches.

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

The garden is also a stunning place for photographers.  I haven’t spent the time here that I would like.  Perhaps this year I’ll give it the attention it deserves.  In the mean time this gives you an overview of what one can expect from a grand DuPont garden.

Longwood Topiary Garden © Britt Conley

I you plan a trip to Pennsylvania to see Longwood make sure not to miss this lovely garden area.  It’s the first garden area on your left when you come through the visitor’s center.  On top of that, it opens into the Rose Garden!

Just one more reason to visit Longwood this year!  For more information visit

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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