Purple Florals Delight


Despite being unable to remember all the purple flowers that have come across my lens, I can say purple in nature always stuns this busy Bee.  It’s the purple ones that are often the coolest.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

Although purple can also be found in the most delicate of petals…

Crocus © Britt Conley

purple in flowers just seems crazy.  Well, crazy great!

Orchids © Britt Conley

I stumbled onto these purple mums at Longwood Gardens last year.  I’ve seen some amazing mums but yet again, the purple ones seem to light the room.  Maybe it’s just the idea of purple or that I don’t see in gardens around town.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

And when I do see it, it is always perfectly juxtaposed by great greenery.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

Is it wrong to want an entire purple garden?

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

It actually seems quite doable.  I would love a container of long purple Irises tied very loosely by a blue bow, pulling the middle of the stalks into a artistic statement on packaging up the best of nature.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

Of course globe thistles would definitely be in my garden.

These Purple beauties are a delight! © Britt Conley

Well, maybe just a long purple swath garden on one side!

Purple flowers © Britt Conley

and purple orchids by the kitchen door.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

I had never seen this crazy plant until a couple of weeks ago.  It’s called Throatwort and is described as boasting, “Lake Michigan Purple.”  Well, well!

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

There are the standard trumpet purples but they are a bit to mundane for my plans.  I guess they just are not crazy enough to make it onto my must have list.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

These purple wonders make a cloudy day light for the soul.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

This very morning I headed out to catch these purple hydrangeas.  One doesn’t find them very often.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

And just when you’ve seen it all there is always something in nature to throw off all your color expectations.

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

I do love purple flowers and fortunately so do the rest of the bees out there!

Purple Flowers © Britt Conley

That’s it for me today.  I am swamped with a great work project that should have me working well into the night.  I may just have to put up Friday’s post on Saturday… well see how the day goes.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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