Romance and Wandering at Dumbarton Oaks


Dumbarton Oaks has all the flower beds and terraces you could ask for, but for me I come for the romance.

Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

I have recovered from lost love here,

Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

…studied for my masters degree in the grass here

Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

…and come here to and clear my head, draw and perhaps play some chess

Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

I have been coming here since I was about four or five

The journey to the rose garden © Britt Conley

I even began The Photo Garden Bee here

Crocus © Britt Conley

I come here to read a great book under great trees

Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

I come here to just be

Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

and Bee.

Crocus © Britt Conley

This is probably my most favorite garden I’ve ever been to because it is as home to me and my life as my back yard.  I am me here and I am free here no matter the weather, no matter what life throws my way.

This is at least the  16th time I’ve featured this grand Washington, D.C. garden and never have a loss for content, I can’t recommend it enough.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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