Air plants can be made into great indoor wall hangings, containerised into perfection, or simply left endlessly on a desk to their own devices.

Air plants © Britt Conley

Some air plants bloom beautifully while others offer up a simple grassy look.

Air plants © Britt Conley

They don’t take much care.  Watering a few times a week and left near good light, much like other plants.  For more information on these wonderful little plants and a great place to browse photos for your own collection is http://www.airplant.com/a.html

Air plants © Britt Conley

I have to say, I wasn’t completely enthused about them until I saw this door at Longwood Gardens!

Air plants © Britt Conley

And my heart went aloft!  Beyond Cool!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )


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  1. Siesta Sister

    Do you know the name of the blue ones....I ♥ them...I want some.


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