What on Earth is this Fantabulous Little Garden Creature?


What is this? © Britt Conley

Every once in a while I stumble onto that wonderfully fascinating plant that just says… Hello!

What is this? © Britt Conley

Today’s plant is right up this Bee’s curiosity isle.

What is this? © Britt Conley

Often, the crazier the biological structure, the cooler I’ll find it.

What is this? © Britt Conley

So who out there can set me up with a name for this fantastic plant?  What is it?  From what planet does it come from? : )  All I know is once I find out what it is I’m adding it to what will be my all geometric garden.  It’s perfect.

Britt : )

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  1. sally

    Hello, I stumbled across this today, have you had an answer yet? I'd say it's a euphorbia of some kind, they have the most amazing bright green flowers. There are many varieties and they come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. Britt

    No, you are the first : ) So a "euphorbia of some kind" I'll look it up! Thanks for the tip! Always nice to get some kind guidance : )

    Britt : )


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