5 reasons to spend the 4th of July at Longwood Gardens!

Bring your own chiars at Longwood Gardens © Britt Conley

Firstly, Longwood allows everyone to bring their own lawn chairs in early to have a seat in the viewing area.  With most places this means having to sit with your furniture for the next five hours waiting for the event to start, but here they expect you to leave it and wander the gardens worry free. Being from the city, I thought really? But, that’s exactly what we did. There was nothing but a sea of empty chairs and happy strolling Longwood patrons.  This is the view from the empty chairs!

The Main Fountain Garden © Britt Conley

Secondly , while wandering.. you have some of the best garden areas in the Country!

The Long Color Walk © Britt Conley

Thirdly, There is the  July 4th Fireworks BBQ, which, aside from great burgers, chicken and the like, we had the “greatest” hand made blueberry lemonade that either of has ever tasted. As I left I urged anyone who looked available, to get the blueberry lemonade! I ran into one person later who said, “That was the best lemonade my husband and I had!” I had to ask, “Does one come for the flowers, the food, the events, or the lemonade?”  Any of them justify the entry fee.

The Blueberry Lemonade is to the right © Britt Conle

Fourthly, after the gardens, the food and the environment, there is still more… the actual “Fireworks and Fountains” show!.   Well, here is Longwood’s own picture and it really says it all better than I could!  It’s well worth the drive!!!  The  fountain show starts with the incredible 120 foot tall plumes of water and adds colored lights to the display. This is then choreographed to fireworks. The fireworks are incredible!

Fireworks by Longwood Gardens © Longwood Gardens

Lastly, the fireworks aren’t just one big boom after another.  It is the most well choreographed musical display we have ever seen and, frankly, it was more emotionally and visually satisfying for this reason.

Just lovely with the music © Britt Conley

So if you’re in the mid-atlantic or upper east coast and want to hop online and get tickets for a great 4th of July experience I have to recommend Longwood Gardens.  For more information visit, http://www.longwoodgardens.org/FireworksandFountainsEvent.html

Have a great Independence Day Weekend Everyone!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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