A great weekend… now for the next six weeks!

The journey to the rose garden © Britt Conley

Saturday, Erika and I went out to Dumbarton Oaks again to see if the forsythia had bloomed.  While we were there we played with our new cameras.  I got the other camera body I’ve been waiting to get for the past year.  I also bought Erika, my sister and official Assistant Photo Garden Bee, a point and shoot of her own.  It was great!  Seeing Erika, or Erkie as I call her, with her own camera wandering about with great purpose.

Erika © Britt Conley

And how did Erika do on her first photo day out?  Fantabulous!  Check out the photo below!  It’s the one she took as I was photographing her above.  She’s a budding natural!

Cherry Trees © Erika Malmgren

As for the forsythia, you can see them just past the horizon line below.  This is the area of Dumbarton Oaks they call Forsythia Dell.  It literally bursts with color for the short blooming season.

The Path to Forsythia Dell © Britt Conley

This is still early part of the blooming season.  The hill behind these, (below) is barely getting started.  When the two sides meet, it’s just spectacular, especially when the sun filters through.

Forsythia Dell © Britt Conley

I really enjoyed this last day out.  It’s going a month or so until I can get back out here.  The surgery is today and the recovery time is at least a month to six weeks.  So if you haven’t read it already, please come back to see read some great guest bloggers who all way cooler than I am.  Hubbo and Erika will be updating both mine and The Photo Garden Bee’s pages on Facebook as well as twitter.

The bench in waiting © Britt Conley

As for me… I took this picture of one of the many benches here as a reminder that it’s waiting for me the minute I can get back out here.  I may be traveling from bench to bench but I’m definitely taking my camera!  See you guys soon and as I always say, “Let’s do this thing!”

Britt : )

4 Replies to “A great weekend… now for the next six weeks!”

  1. Noelle/azplantlady

    Your pictures are beautiful as are your sister’s. I do hope that your surgery goes well and that your recovery is quick. Selfishly, I cannot wait to see more of your photos in the future 🙂

  2. noreen Freebairn

    went and saw the beautiful cherry blossoms in D.C. yesterday. they were at their peak. also got great shots of the blue poppies at longwood gardens last week. relax, enjoy being pampered. God bless.

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