A Longwood Garden’s Christmas

A literal floral wonderland, Longwood Gardens takes Christmas to a whole new level.  This is this Bee’s second Christmas visit here and once again I am bowled over.  Well I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking…

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

I love the idea of mixing Christmas trees with florals.  And it can be done in so many ways. Whether it be as simple as adding poinsettias beneath the tree to creating a whole garden.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

Next year I am having a floral Christmas both below and within my tree.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

One of the many other great things Longwood does right are their lights!  You can see my previous post for the outdoor spectacular.  Indoors, there the place is lit up into it’s own wonderland.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

A profusion of color abounds and every corner has a whole new ambiance.

Conservatory © Britt Conley

It is without a doubt one of the romantic places to enjoy on the East Coast.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

Even the doorways are romantically festive.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

And if you have a photo bug in the family, give them plenty of time to enjoy the view.  After all how often do you see this?

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

And If you enjoy macro photography, there are thousands of flowers to choose from.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

The walkways to the different parts of the conservatory are just lovely.  These white lilies couldn’t be more romantic.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

And there are endless rooms just flourishing with blooms!

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

There is also the Kids Christmas tree room.  One of my personal favorites.

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

It’s always the most creative place to be.  I personaly LOVE this Crab tree!

Kids Christmas Trees © Britt Conley

Even the cacti and succulent room is decked to the halls!

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

And who can resist lemons as decor?

Conservatory Walkway © Britt Conley

The other phenomenal thing about visiting Longwood Gardens at the holidays is the food.  I go into in depth in one of last year’s posts on events at longwood: http://thephotogardenbee.com/2009/11/14/todays-featured-post-part-vi-events-at-longwood-gardens/


Cookies © Britt Conley

For a look at last years Christmas post visit http://thephotogardenbee.com/2009/12/24/a-longwood-gardens-christmas/

I hope you can add Longwood to your holiday destination calendar, if not this year, perhaps next?  For more information visit http://www.longwoodgardens.org/ And if you would love to read a fantastic book on the history of Christmas at Longwood take a look at this amazing book on sale at their website! :

“Christmas – A New Book Featuring our Most Popular Display!

On sale now online and in our Gardens Shop

Pierre and Alice du Pont hosted the first Christmas celebration at Longwood in 1921. Nearly 7,000,000 guests have come to Longwood since 1957 to marvel at our annual Christmas display. We are sharing the history of this holiday tradition in a new book—Christmas. The full resources of Longwood’s archives and those of the Hagley Museum and Library have been utilized, and Longwood’s historian has selected 750 photographs (from thousands) to give an astounding visual record of nearly a century of holiday celebrations at Longwood Gardens.”

I already have my copy!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Britt : )

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