My husband pointed out one day that when I’m out photographing flowers I may as well be a photo garden bee buzzing about from petal to petal with the camera firmly affixed to my eye.  I flutter about the garden with the same amount of focus and attention span.  It’s true and I love it.  I have been photographing flowers and gardens for years but have found my love for shooting them has turned me towards planning destination garden vacations.  Finding new destinations is a joy and a bit of an obssesion.
So, I’m on a mission to find and photograph the most magical, intimate, majestic, romantic, and historic gardens around the U.S.,  sharing what’s amazing about each place and why they are well worth the visit.  While traveling from place to place I’ve found gardens are not just about flowers; a great garden offers a magic that simply doesn’t exist outside it’s walls.  I hope to capture that magic.  If there is the perfect secret garden out there for you, I hope to find it and bring it to our door.
Please join me as I journey from flower to flower and garden to garden highlighting Garden Buzz finds from around the country, delivering In-depth photographic art of each amazing place and present the daily Photo Garden Bee Flower.

The Photo Garden Bee © Steve Conley

The Photo Garden Bee taking  flight!

Hello and Welcome!

I am on a mission to find and photograph the most magical, intimate, majestic, romantic, and historic gardens around the U.S.  and share what’s amazing about each place.

You’re probably wondering, “Why the Photo Garden Bee?” Well, it all started when my husband mentioned one day that when I’m out and about photographing flowers I buzz about, hovering and stopping much like any other bee barring the camera firmly affixed to my face.  He had a good point and as we laughed I decided to embrace it.

Although I’ve been photographing flowers for years, I’ve recently found the joy of finding new gardens.  Once the search and following shoot became my favorite pastime, the blog idea was born.

Britt Conley on a tea break in June 2010 © Steve Conley

Why share these adventures? Well, I’m hoping that one day I won’t have to ask myself, (while out shooting),”why aren’t more people here?”  If I can get just a few fans of this site to head out and enjoy a new garden destination, it’s worth every minute. If I can’t, it’s still worth every minute. That said, if there is the perfect secret garden out there for you, I hope to find it and bring it to our door.

For me, the research and effort is all about the gardens, the people, the flowers and their beauty.  As a fine art photographer and digital imaging specialist, I love to capture each blossom and see what I can do with it in Black and White. For this reason I am showcasing my top blossoms from my shoots along the way in the ‘Daily Flower’.  Also,  I’ll be bringing you some great upcoming events from around the country that I may not be able to attend but hopefully you will.

The Photo Garden Bee is a busy bee! © Steve Conley

The Photo Garden Bee is a busy bee! © Steve Conley

Please join me as I journey from flower to flower and garden to garden, finding and highlighting gardens from around the country, providing the daily Photo Garden Bee Flower and seeing what you have to offer.  I will be having meet ups where we can shoot some flowers now and then.  I am more than happy to offer photo tips to anyone who would like them.  I’ll also be having a photo contests to see what you all are shooting!  Finally for those of you who are already in the know and know of a fantastic garden, there is always my Suggest a Garden page where you point me in the right direction and tell me what you love about the place.  I promise to check it out.

I hope you have as much fun with this endeavor as I am.

P.S. I’m dyslexic so if you read some really bad spelling and find my grammar gun set to stun, just know my sister and official Assistant Photo Garden Bee hasn’t had a chance to edit said “issues” : )

As for me, I was recently laid off in December of 2009 after about 14  years with USA Today.  I worked on the Life Picture Desk as the Assistant Photo Editor and was responsible for rustling up many of the daily’s images for stories related to Art Exhibits, TV, Movies, Music, Theater, Games, DVD and the 10 Great feature to name just some.  I am now using that media expertise to bring great gardens to everyone.  I love working on the Bee!  I am also an artist, was once a musician for a living and consider myself a life time philosopher.  Life is too short not to.

Currently I’m a member of the National Press Photographer’s Association, The Garden Writer’s Association, National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the American Horticulural Society.



  1. Amir

    I'm totally floored by your site and interests! Always a surprise with Brit....

  2. Anthony DeBarros

    Great site, Britt! Love your photos.

  3. Ann Oldenburg

    This site is beautiful! Did you create it yourself? We miss you!

  4. Melissa

    A kindred spirit! Very excited to have found your blog. I'm a landscape designer and photographer in the metro DC area. I'm looking forward to exploring your blog and hope you'll look at mine if you have the chance. And glad to see you're a Nikon user!

  5. Nikki Pampalone

    Thank you for adding fuel to the fire to further explore the possibility of a career change. Your website is very well done and I appreciate the thought and time behind your idea. I've bookmarked your site and will use it for inspiration each morning before going to my day job. Carry on! You are definitely gifted in many ways.

  6. Britt

    Thanks Nikki! There is nothing like being shoved into the deep end and finding out what your made of. I'm having to learn about and reinvent my entire life and it's the best. It's still hard, scary and has had it's failures. But I just have to get up again, research again and try the next idea. I am determined to make this career change work, grow and someday thrive. Every day I get up, look at the site and think I may not be making anyone elses day, but I sure am making mine. So thanks for letting me know I'm helping make your day : ) That means a lot.

  7. Michelle

    Oh, my. What a beautiful blog. I didn't even know about it. I also didn't know you had been laid off. I'm sorry to hear. But now you can bring all of this beauty to everyone via your blog. Love it!

  8. Eva-Maria Ruhl

    Beautiful photographs and great information! I love your blog. I will come here for inspiration! Thanks.

  9. Britt

    Thanks so much Eva!

  10. The Tea Stylist

    Love your site! I'll be coming back for more visits!


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