At Washington D.C.’s Dumbarton Oaks, Spring has Sprung!

Crocus © Britt Conley

Morning crocuses meet the season’s sky.

They mark the start of passers by.

In this, like other gardens I’ve been known to go…

the crocuses trumpet Spring’s first hello.

Crocus © Britt Conley

Some glow white against the moonlight

Others reflect the sky …

most have a beam of yellow sunlight

Right in the middle of their eye.

Crocus © Britt Conley

It seems to me that this little flower,

Is the season’s first fighter.

They burst forth from Winter…

and make the world a little brighter.

Crocus © Britt Conley

Bearing little flickers of sunlight,

they huddle across our fields…

gently turning grassy hills into meadows…

as Winter yields.

Crocus © Britt Conley

At Dumbarton Oaks they’ve burst forth in droves

coming in every color and striation that only a good horticulturalist knows.

I for one am just glad they’ve arrived..

after all, this means, all the snow we’ve survived.

Crocus © Britt Conley

So grab your trowels and seedling pods…

This Spring is sprouting as will your front lawn’s sod!

We may have lost a boxwood or two

but this is the year for your garden and you.

Crocus © Britt Conley

So gather together at the lawn care center

fill up those carts, even if your a beginner

For this is the year, the season, the weather,

We’re going to do this thing called Spring together!

Field of other blue flowers also on view at Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

If you haven’t had a chance to see all the crocus…

stop by Dumbarton Oaks and redirect your focus!

Bring a friend or a camera or two.

After all this moment is fleeting as well as early Spring too.

Crocus © Britt Conley

Well, I am off to seize the day…

which in my case might simply be photographing Spring trees along the way.

Don’t forget there are still daffodils to follow,

Hopefully I’ll come across one or two tomorrow.

Crocus © Britt Conley

I hope you enjoyed this crazy little poem.

I just made it up while sitting here at home.

It’s been a fun way to spend the last half hour…

writing about this special flower.

Crocus © Britt Conley

So there you have it, it’s all in a day

A thought, a picture, a new way to say…

‘Til Tomorrow.

Crocus © Britt Conley

For more information visit Dumbarton Oaks.

5 Replies to “At Washington D.C.’s Dumbarton Oaks, Spring has Sprung!”

  1. noreen Freebairn

    I have been to Ladew Topiary Gardens, and i just got a membership to Longwood Gardens, but never have been to Dumbarton Oaks. I will have to go now, seeing you have taken such beautiful shots there. Thanks. I always enjoy seeing where you have been and your photos always inspire me to keep doing what i love………photography!

  2. Britt

    Thanks Noreen! I will probably be going to Ladew in May, if I am feeling up to up. I have been wanting to go for quite some time now! You will love Longwood and Dumbarton Oaks! Thanks for writing!!!

  3. immy

    The pictures are so beautiful. Would love to go visit there. When is the best time to see those blue flower field? My lil girl would love it. Thank you.

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