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  1. Gina Ridgway

    Enjoyed meeting you. Do call if you need to swap ideas. I suggest going to Maymount with some framed pictures to sell. The price for a small booth is $400-475. Do mention my name to Mary. Check it out! It’s as target as you want..unless you want to hit the aquarium/museum crowd who is meeting soon too.. I think Maymount is better

  2. noreen Freebairn

    your pics are just beautiful. so glad a stumbled across your site. do you know of any folks who get together, just to go on photo shoots for the day? i would be very interested. thanks. God bless. noreen

  3. Marcia Lawrence

    Brit, I’m on a trip next week and Labor Day weekend to visit my daughter in PA. I’ve been to Hershey and Longwood Gardens and am looking for a different garden to photograph. Can you suggest one? Or, should I re-visit Hershey or Longwood?

  4. Britt

    Hello Marcia!

    Boy there are so many. Chanticleer, The Morris Arboretum, Mt. Cuba (although you are on a timed tour), The Japanese House and Garden – Shofuso (lovely), Winterthur (although I am not sure what is in bloom at the moment but their website should offer up some information on this), Gibralter – a small but lovely garden. It really depends on what you want to add. Longwood is always good. Especially since the flowers are changed out so regularly. Each season is very different and there is never a loss for a perfect image. They are having their last Fireworks and Fountains show on the weekend of the 5th. The great thing about the area is that many of the gardens are all close together. Longwood, Winterthur, The Brandywine River Museum, The Hagely Museum and Gardens, Mt. Cuba and Neumours are all very close driving distance. Many just 15 min. away from one another. Winterthur has art and collectables and vast spaces to roam but check to see what is in bloom. Neumours and Mt. Cuba require reservations and good walking shoes. I would do one day at Longwood and another at two of the others. For great art the Brandywine River Museum is nice and they have a small garden as well. If you happen to go to Winterthur, in the information center they have a map of all the local gardens and where they are in relation to one another. Even if you don’t stay, it’s worth driving in for that and the book store. I do recommend seeing it but it’s hours if you do the house tour. I hope this helps! I will probably be at Longwood that weekend myself!

  5. Britt

    That is fine Hedda : ) Thank you so much for contacting me. Would love to see you site when it’s ready : )


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