Falling for cold weather photography

Goldenrod © Britt Conley

In the early day’s of photographing flowers, my efforts were all about the blooms.  I waited for those perfect sunny days and headed out to capture the very best a perfect day had to offer.  It wasn’t long before I found the most beautiful images were not about perfection at all, far from it.  I was far more interested in the events happening in all those natural little words.

Flyaway © Britt Conley

The first winter was wasted.  I figured there was little to shoot.  I have since learned.  There is so much more to experience in the cooler months within gardens and simple natural settings.  Fall photo shoots are now my favorite.  I love the wandering about, the crisp foliage and cold streams.

Crisp Stream © Britt Conley

As a photographer, my most important lesson was simply to enjoy any garden or back yard through each season.  This past weekend I went up to Western Maryland and went out and about with camera in hand around a friend’s back yard as well as a trip over to her friend Barbara’s yard.

The Yard © Britt Conley

There were no blooming flowers, the gardens were shriveled.  Just the way I like them.  The air was cold enough to see our breath at times, the light was lowering and the setting was perfect 🙂

Shriveled © Britt Conley

There was plenty of Milkweed which is always a wispy joy!

Wisp © Britt Conley

Love to catch the pods exploding with softness 🙂 Seedling journeys preparing for launch.

Seed © Britt Conley

All in all it was a wonderful day.  The walk was full of surprises at every turn and Carols home made cookies were phenomenal!

Evening © Britt Conley

Next time you look out at your backyard don’t presume there isn’t anything to photograph… this and Carol’s yard’s are where all these images came from.  It’s usually the simplest of days that offer the most amazing things.  All one has to do it get out there!

Barbara's backyard © Britt Conley


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