Pink floral delights: spring trees!

First and foremost I am a photographer.  I’m fairly addicted to shooting just about anything, but my true love is flower photography.  On our honeymoon we went on a gondola ride in Venice.  I was in photographic heaven and didn’t realize just how so until my wonderful husband asked if he was going to continue honeymooning with the camera or his new wife?  I lowered the camera and managed to shoot one handed off the boat.  I couldn’t help it!  It was Venice!  I happily held my husband with the other arm.

Well, safe to say I feel the same way about flowers.  And that is why Steve, my glorious husband pointed out while watching me hop around Longwood Gardens one day, that I may as well be a bee.  I buzz around from flower to flower in the same manner and with the same bee enthusiasm.  It wasn’t long before I decided to take on that moniker and share my journeys with all of you.

So here I am stuck at home recovering from surgery and just chomping at the bit to get out there!  I feel like I’m missing the grand floral ball of the year.. Spring.  It’s been hard watching the National Cherry Tree festival on TV when I live just a couple of miles from the Washington D.C. Mall.  But alas, I can’t walk far enough or sit up long enough yet to go anywhere.  But, just before my surgery and a couple of times since, I had a great opportunity to run out and photograph the first spring blooms I could find above ground.  Being that there was a shortage of time before the hospital stay I was only able to visit a couple of places.

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

First was was my own apartment’s courtyard above.  This I get to visit every few days now.  It’s just a short walk out the front door.  The other location, Dumbarton Oaks, has a row of lovely plum prunus trees that flank a lovely walk between their kitchen and cutting gardens.

Plum Prunus Trees © Britt Conley

These flutter to the ground when the wind blows which make for even better photographic moments!

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

Sitting under our courtyard cherry tree each year is a ritual for my sister and me.  We love to bring out a blanket and study,  read a good book, catch a glimpse of some of the great new places blooms are bursting from, and just look up.  Most of the time wishing we had a camera.

Cherry Blossoms © Britt Conley

Now that we both have cameras we get to explore the trees together this year!  I can’t wait to show her the ins and outs of macro photography and the fun one can have with focusing.

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

In the mean time as I am getting my walking ability back, I will be tooling around our courtyard and continuing to photograph what great blooms I can find!  I have four weeks left before I get my garden hopping wings.

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

Having some cherry trees in the yard has been a joy for years, but is proximity is even lovlier now that it’s my own space to recover in.  We have lived her for 15 years and it’s still is holding it’s charm.  For the next few weeks all I have to do is make it out the front door and grandma walk myself over to be within camera distance.  One of the very reasons we moved here was this lovely courtyard with its magnolia trees.

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

I took these the other day.  The blooms were barely on the ground…

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

Yet over the few short days of window watching I noticed I was missing the joy of capturing the blooms falling to the ground.  So this very morning I got up early, headed out alone and took this one below… I even got to see some of the petals falling.  I’m just thrilled to have caught what is here before they all blow way!

Shot this very morning © Britt Conley

The one in the main courtyard was covering the ground as well!

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

This shot below is our beloved courtyard.  We have a bunny family residing here, and each fall a red tail hawk appears and takes off with one of the squirls.  It’s a huge oval courtyard which I have slowly been attempting to walk around this past week.

Our courtyard © Britt Conley

As of yesterday I graduated to making it around twice without stopping! I try to add a little more distance each day.  I hope to make it twice around by myself today.   If I’m lucky I will be able to get a ride up the street to photograph the dogwood tree!

Cherry Tree © Britt Conley

Of course I’ll keep heading out with camera in hand to see what neat things I can find.  Also we have more guest bloggers writing in!  I am honored and thrilled that there have been so many wonderful people who have wanted to help out while I’m recovering.  From what I can tell they are all having a blast as well, which makes it even more wonderful!  It’s been great catching a glimpse into their photographic minds and experiencing the joys of their garden worlds.  Thanks to them all!

Shot this very morning © Britt Conley

Well, I am going back to resting.  I think a cup of Harrod’s Earl Grey tea and a good book is in order.

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

5 Replies to “Pink floral delights: spring trees!”

  1. Bren

    Your PINK is amazing! I love your shares but mostly I love that you are back up and inspiring!

    It is going to be a wonderful spring! I have 20 new pear trees to plant so stop back later!

  2. Britt

    Thanks Lori,

    I image all my photos in photoshop and increase their saturation. However not all photos lend themselves to this. The key is having a good luminace to start with. Getting good color with your digital camera is all about timing. If I take a shot of a tree bloom on a crystal clear morning at sunrise or sunset, the colors will be far more vibrant than If taken later in the mid day they are flat. Also the angle to the sun matters as well. I photograph the blooms from either in front of the sun, so that the sun accentuates the color as it comes through from behind or from the side, at a right angle to it. That brings out the best colors and then there is little for me to do in photoshop but adjust the contrast and tweak the saturation! If you shoot in the middle of the day the colors just stay drab. You can increase there saturation but they don’t pop. Those at the right time of day lend themselves to a clarity of color and rises to the occassion. I hope this helps!

  3. Britt

    Thanks Lynn! I think I’ll sleep in some tomorrow. Today took a lot out of me. But boy did it feel great to be outside watching the sun come up! If I can get out there I will : )

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