Poppies for Summer Thursday

Blue Poppy © Britt Conley

Over the past month and a half or so I’ve been on the photographic-prowl for Poppies.  They come in nearly every color, but Blue may just be my favorite.  Yellows are pretty swank too.  Imagine a blue and yellow bouquet!

Pink Poppy © Britt Conley

Although the pink ones are some of the best to photograph, how often do you come upon a field of blue poppies?  Not often.  I came upon these below at Longwood gardens in Pennsylvania just the other week.

Poppies © Britt Conley

To me, red poppies are like little flames of summer.

Poppy © Britt Conley

Despite how beautiful the cray paper petals are I am transfixed by the even cooler buds!  They are fascinating.

Poppy © Britt Conley

As they grow the petals evolve into furry little petal buds.

Poppy © Britt Conley

There is a magnificence in a poppy’s structure that is superbly offset by its winged petals.

Poppy © Britt Conley

And when they are in full bloom, boy what a site!  One of my favorites is the poppy-flowered anemone.  This one below is called Mister Fokker.

Poppy © Britt Conley

In every color poppies are lovely.  According to Wikipedia there are numerous types including:

Poppy © Britt Conley

It’s late Spring and poppy time.  Next time you see one.  Think about getting up close and personal.

Poppy © Britt Conley

It’s a great bloom to photographically explore.  I captured this one at Monticello this past weekend.

Poppy © Britt Conley

You don’t have to traverse the world to find these great gems, sometimes you just need to visit a local florist!

A day at Arlingtons Farmer's Market © Britt Conley

Hope you are having a wonderful week and looking forward to a great weekend…

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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  1. Jan

    Wow! Awesome pictures! I always used to think “orange” when I thought of poppies. Love the purple and pink! Thanks for brightening my day.

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