Some of the best flowers of Spring are those that made it through Winter!

Some of the best flowers of Spring are those that made it through Winter.  Most are dry and stiffly flutter in the Spring breeze.  They may be old and frail but they are beautiful.  To me they are nature at it’s best.  A reminder of the aesthetic structure that holds nature together.   Just beyond these lovely flowers is a small patch of green, a lovely shot of color across Winters bow.

Winter Petals © Britt Conley

If you have dried Winter blooms around your yard, wow may just be the time to get the camera out before clipping them for a lovely arrangement in vase or gathered in a bowl as a last ode to Winter.

Winter Petals © Britt Conley

When I first saw these, I had to ask all of you fantabulous horticulturalists and flower experts, what was this beautiful flower?  I just love it!  Thanks for a reader, I found it was a Hydrangea.  Silly me, never occurred to me.  And now I go hunting for them in winter months.

Winter Petals © Britt Conley

I especially love that while these have long lost their color and supple nature, there are new buds just below them bringing them back to life.  It’s Spring at it’s best.

New leaf buds © Britt Conley

I photographed these this week at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington D.C.  It’s the perfect garden for watching Spring emerge.  I have many more posts on this years transition to follow!

• A special thank you to Brenda at who not only is kind enough to help with the blog next week while I’m in the hospital, she even featured me on her amazing blog today.  Thank you!  She is one of the best garden bloggers out there!

Erika, my sister and the “official” Assistant Photo Garden Bee and I are heading out for one last garden shoot tomorrow morning with some new camera gear.  This will be my last day out before my 4-6 weeks of being hold up recovering.  She and Hubbo will be updating “The Photo Garden Bee” on Facebook for me.  Hopefully I’ll be back on myself by the end of next week!

Have a blast this weekend!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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