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  1. Kathy J, Washington Gardener Mag

    Nice blog! You should definitely our annual garden photo contest sponsored by Washington Gardener Magazine! Photos must be taken in DC or within 150 mile radius of the city and in the 2009 calendar year to be entered our next contest. Entry period is Jan 1-21, 2010. Rules and more details will be announced soon on our blog – (You can see some past year’s winners and details on our blog as well).

  2. Britt

    Thanks so much Kathy, that sounds great and count me in! I love your blog too If it were not for Washington Gardener Magazine, I would have never known Washington D.C. had as many gardens as we do. You just added a new daily reader : ) I will be adding a link to your site tonight and heading out to shoot those Mum at Brookside this week! I just returned from photographing the festival at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and I highly recommend it! Just amazing and the food there is an extra special treat.

  3. Ricky P.

    Hi Britt. Try the BUTCHART GARDENS – Victoria, British Columbia. It’s an awesome one! Well worth seeing it.

  4. Peter Flick

    If you are out West, more precisely Portland, Oregon, go to the Japanese Gardens just around from the Portland Zoo. A tremendous garden and place to take it all in.

  5. Nikki Pampalone

    Aside from Walt Disney World’s hydroponic display at the Land Pavilion (which you did an amazing job covering!), another inspirational garden is Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello near Charlottesville VA. Some highlights include his experimental vegetable garden, precise recordings of his growing gardens, Monticello Grove of trees, and heirloom seeds. Definitely a historical and photogenic spot. Let me know if you need an assistant on this trip 😉

  6. Britt

    Thanks for the tip Nikki! It looks like Monticello may just have to be a several day post! I hope to get there in just a couple of Months! I’ll let you know. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a Spring this much.

  7. noreen Freebairn

    i’m sure you have been to longwood gardens in kennett square, PA but have you tried ladew gardens over in monkton, MD?. i always find something of interest there. God bless, noreen

  8. Britt

    Hello Noreen,

    I’ve been to Longwood a lot this year and last. If you want to see the posts just visit: my Longwood Posts I have yet to get to Ladew though. Planning that for this Spring and Summer! Can’t wait to see the dog topiary! And I am planning a few outtings for a photo day soon and will let you know!

  9. noreen Freebairn

    When you go to Ladew Topiary Gardens, let me know,
    i would love to meet up with you. i have a web site, courtesy of my son (for a Christmas gift). i have lots of pictures taken from Ladew,Longwood,and the Estuary Center. If you are interested in checking it out, you can go to
    God bless, Noreen

  10. Maureen

    Oops … didn’t notice that someone had already suggested Ladew to you. Even so, I’ll second their suggestion that you visit “The Most Outstanding Topiary Gardens in America.”

  11. michelle healy

    Britt – Your blog is so relaxing and soothing. It’s the perfect tonic on this cold, blustery day. The gardens I mentioned to you earlier today: Sherwood Gardens, basically a Spring tulip garden in Baltimore’s Guilford neighborhood (I believe that director John Waters still lives there) which is wedged between Hopkins and Loyola universities
    and also Historic London Town and Garden in Edgewater, Maryland, near Annapolis. And finally, the big garden center that I mentioned in my neck of the woods is Homestead Gardens in Davidsonville, Md. I

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