The David A. Klein Orchidarium at Vizcaya

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

I’ve previously featured Vizcaya but have still barely scratched the surface.  Like all the other surprises that await at every turn here, the David A. Klein Orchidarium greets visitors where they least expect it.  It unassumingly awaits at the left of the main house.

Back view of The Vizcaya Estate © Britt Conley

Being from a four seasoned climate in the Mid-Atlantic, it seems amazing to me that one could just hang their orchids outdoors throughout the year.  Being able to grow many exotic blooms is certainly one of the great things about Miami, Florida.  The weather is a year round treat.  This is one of the aspects of Florida that brought the builder of this magnificant estate to the area.  And he made sure the architecture here would indeed, whimsically fit the weather!  But that is whole story to itself and reason #896 to visit the Museum and Gardens here!

Viscaya © Britt Conley

Derring used his sizable wealth from being a major maker of agricultural equipment to join the ranks of grand estate builders in America during the early industrialist age.  Fortunately for us he used much of it in the Garden!

statuary and sculpture at Vizcaya © Britt Conley

The David A. Klein Orchidarium boasts a wonderful variety of orchids as well as bromeliads.  The space honors James Derring’s desire to grow orchids on the property.

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

The orchids come is many shapes and sizes.

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

The allure of the space however is directed by the color of blooms!  They simply pull you through the trellises.  And they are at the perfect height for any of you flower photographer’s out there!

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

The sent, as one walks through, is heavenly!

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

Placing the florals up in the trellises is a wonderfully surprising use of the European styled columns.  It really has me thinking of what a hanging garden could become at ones home.

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

As with the rest of the property, one can always find great statuary.  Here it punctuates the European feel of the central courtyard.  I have a whole post on it!

David A. Klein Orchidarium © Britt Conley

But this garden is just a small part of an even bigger magical landscape.

Gardens at Vizcaya © Britt Conley

Vizcaya is one of my top garden destination places in the country.  When you come to see this luxurious land yourself, don’t forget to wander over to the David A. Klein Orchidarium.  It’s a wonderfully peaceful and even understated garden spot in a crazily cool property.  For more information go straight to the source!

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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