The first official day of Summer!

If I were to think of one word that would say Summer more than any other word for me, it would be grass.

Grass © Britt Conley

I look forward the great greening every Spring.  When I was very young we would make forts out of the tall grasses out on our farm.  My mother would give us bamboo matts to flatten the grass around us.  I didn’t take long before we realized the grass could be bent over us like a tent.  Memories like these are just some of the reasons why I love going to up visit Gardens with big grassy meadows.

Winterthur Estate and Gardens has phenomenal walking grass © Britt Conley

Of course so does my favorite meadow at Longwood.  Even at the end of fall the grass is stunning.

The Meadow at Longwood Gardens © Britt Conley

If I weren’t concerned there would be a snake or other animal waiting, I would love suit up with a rubber boots and  tromp right in.  Up close it’s just as fascinating as from afar.

The Meadow at Longwood Gardens © Britt Conley

Of course, this holds true of all grass!

Grass © Britt Conley

Even the most mundane can be wonderful when wandered though.

Grass © Britt Conley

I am mostly enamoured by the lightness and sinewy texture and of ornamental grasses.

Grass © Britt Conley

Some are a fine as feathers.  I found this ornamental grass was on the side of the road one day.  Another good reason to keep the camera ready.

Ornamental grass © Britt Conley

While others offer up lovely grassy blooms.

Ornamental grass © Britt Conley

There are so many varieties of grass everywhere I go.  And I do try to shoot the grass at every garden location I visit.  Some gardens make the grass an integral feature of its ambiance.  Here at Norfolk Botanical Gardens they have installed these wonderful Heron sculptures amidst their reed grasses which border their canal.

Grass at Norfolk Botanical Garden © Britt Conley

I came upon the real thing at Henry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida

Reed gras at Henry P. Leu Gardens © Britt Conley

Norfolk also uses grass in another great way.  I mentioned this the other week.  There is a fantastic butterfly shaped maze at Norfolk Botanical Garden right next to their Butterfly Garden!

Butterfly Maze Norfolk Botantical Garden © Britt Conley

At Neumours Estate and Gardens in Pennsylvania, they offer lovely pathways of soft tufted green grass between stepping stones.  A delightful way to integrate grass into landscaping!  I may have to do this one day when I get my own yard.

Neumours Grass © Britt Conley

Some of my favorite places to visit are those gardens and arboretums where the grass is the main event.  Here at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia the grassy view holds all the allure!  A great place to visit and relax, which was convient for me, as it was just a couple of miles from where I used to work.

Meadowlark Gardens © Britt Conley

Currently it’s ‘grass season’ here at home where I spend evenings watching the fireflies hoover over our apartment’s massive grassy courtyard.  They are out in droves each evening!  Very cool.

My garden apartment and courtyard © Britt Conley

My sister and I live across the way from one another.  We meet half way to break out our blanket to study and draw in the grass.  Just like old times.  This grassy courtyard and it’s magnolia trees are what have kept me here so long.

Erika's garden apartment and our courtyard © Britt Conley

I have loved grass since I was toddler.  My parents took me down this very path at Dumbarton Oaks, a garden here in Washington, D.C.  when I was just learning to walk.  I have walked this path my entire life and photographed the grass through the seasons for years.

Grassy walk at Dumbarton Oaks © Britt Conley

I spent much of my youthful summers walking through grassy lawns, sitting in them and finally laying back in them for hours as the clouds rolled by overhead.  By the time I was a teen, I unfortunately spent many a day mowing ours for my father. Well, I supposes that just comes with teen life.

Grass © Britt Conley

Well, It’s officially Summer and the grass couldn’t be greener!  So next time you find yourself walking around the neighborhood in the rain, take a moment to enjoy the water bouncing off the grass!  I personally love the smell of wet earth, grass and rain.

Grass © Britt Conley

Or find a soft, shaded grassy nook to lay in on one of the many hot Summer days ahead!

Grass © Britt Conley

As for me, I will be doing just this and even when just walking through a nice patch of green, I’ll keep finding a way to myself in it!

Grass © Britt Conley

‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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