The Quarry Garden at Winterthur

Yesterday morning I almost skipped my day’s visit.  The rain showers and thunderstorms were predicted and the skies were already pretty gray.  But as Erika and I were driving down rt 52 with the intention of heading home we looked over and there it was : Winterthur.  “Ok just 20 minutes in the Peony Garden.” I offered up with conviction.  Well, we can laugh now, the garden tour tram was waiting.  “Ok just once around.” I added.  Well next thing we knew it was the entire afternoon and this Bee was one happy camper.

Primroses © Britt Conley

After hopping off the tram near the Enchanted Forest we wandered down toward a little bridge which overlooks the quarry.

The Quarry Bridge © Britt Conley

We walked down the stone steps and there is was… The Quarry Garden.

Primroses © Britt Conley

A wonderland of Primula Japonica Primroses burtsing forth with lavenders, reds and magentas.

Primroses © Britt Conley

Each stem hovering above the soft soil with their lovely tiered blossoms.

Primroses © Britt Conley

The sun barely made it through the trees, but the soft light and lovely temperatures made for a romantic stroll in this secret sunken garden.

Primroses © Britt Conley

The only thing missing was a small step bridge to a central area for a chair and table to enjoy a nice garden read and perhaps tea.

Primroses © Britt Conley

I ended up crossing the little stream and managing to get a few shots without disturbing a petal.

Primeroses © Britt Conley

What a lovely concept…even the biggest holes in the ground can be gardened.

The Quarry Garden © Britt Conley

Most people come to Winterthur for the amazing estate tour and Art Museum.  The shop alone is worth the visit.  Each Spring however, many come just to stroll about the flowers.  I would have to say I’m one of the flower wanderers.

Primroses © Britt Conley

This would be a fantastic place to paint.  I’ll have to do a canvas of this one after I finish my other painting commissions, which fortunately are going well.   My other other favorite past time, Art.   After a fantastic afternoon in the forest, out on the hills and exploring lovely places to sit we came upon the Peony Garden displaying the very best of Winterthur’s Spring blooms.  Oh, a post on it’s magnificent offerings will be following soon.

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‘Til Tomorrow…

Britt : )

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